Welcome! I am Tara Gonsalves, a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Broadly, my work focuses on how categories are created and contested. I use an intersectional approach to examine the cultural, political, and organization processes through which social categories emerge, circulate, and transform as well as the social consequences of classification processes.

My dissertation, Unruly Categories: The Transnational Circulation of "Transgender," examines how the Western category "transgender" is coming to articulate diverse forms of gender variance globally. In related research on the biomedical field, I analyze the relationship between health insurance coverage for gender-affirming care, medical expertise, and racialized gender. Other work examines domestic activism on "LGBT" issues in countries around the world. My research has been supported by more than twelve fellowships and research grants and has been recognized by multiple sections of the American Sociological Association as well as the UC Berkeley Department of Sociology. My solo-authored work has appeared in Gender & Society and Social Forces, with other work forthcoming in Mobilization and in progress as an invited article for The Annual Review of Sociology.