At UC Berkeley, I have been a graduate student instructor (which is like a TA) for two undergraduate courses: (1) GWS 10: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies, and (2) Sociology 135: Sexual Cultures. I recieved the Oustanding Graduate Student Instructor award for GWS 10. As a graduate student instructor, I have worked to develop a collaborative environment. My teaching philosophy revolves around creating inclusive and rigorous classroom conversation that incorporates personal experiences while centering course texts and lectures. In designing course syllabi, I work to incorporate scholars who are part of the conventional “canon” as well as peripheral scholars who make important theoretical and empirical contributions and may “provincialize” our understandings of the social world.

Please contact me for more information about my teaching philosophy, course evaluations, and sample syllabi.


Mentoring has been a core part of my work, both during and prior to graduate school. At UC Berkeley, I have mentored 1-3 undergraduates each semester, primarily queer/trans and students of color, through the undergraduate research apprenticeship program (URAP) as well as the NavCal fellowship for students who are nontraditional and/or from underrepresented backgrounds. I have also advised undergraduate senior theses on topics ranging from online dating cultures in the United States to trans activism in South Asia.